Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meanwhile, back at the farm...

A lot has happened since I last posted...time just gets away...  I'm just gonna hit the highlights for the last eight months ... I'll elaborate over the next three posts...  and maybe elaborate further on the events as I have time to do so ... it's been (for the most part) an exciting 8 months!

  Last August we drove to New Orleans for the Louisiana Restaurant Show.

with a stop along the way in Lafayette, LA. We stayed in a vintage Travelodge Motel - Awesome! -  it was seriously a lot of fun!

And we ate here, it was in the parking lot of the motel, you can see the wall of the pool area over in the left... the food was really good!  We had mostly appetizers and a Greek salad... yum!

After we got home from New Orleans, Noel built a covered porch and landing for my office... and he put in the paths as well.  I really like it a lot!

 In my previous post I mentioned that last September, Patrick flew down and he & Noel packed up and drove him and his two cats up to Bayonne, NJ - to settle in his new apartment. They had a lot of fun on the road & I stayed home and tended to the business around here.

 A quick visit to daughter Julia and her cat, Feenie - before Noel & Patrick left Texas for New Jersey.

Bye! Be Safe!

From the path, a gratuitously pretty photo of the back porch and pergola.
Pride of Barbados and Evergreen Wisteria... I love my screen door.

And from the porch, looking out at the shop ...another pretty pic!

Of course,  I started another new blog as well...  too much time on my hands, right? Check it out and tell me what you think, okay?