Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MIA aka What I've Been Doing Lately...Roxette!

Another month has come and gone...where does the time go?

Well, in my case it's gone by while I've been:

1. Thrifting for lots of stuff!  I promise there is a real thrifting tie-in further down...
2.  Buying and listing about 200 more books on Amazon.
3.  Finishing out the Texas Treasure Box building (and it's absolutely lovely).  Thank You Noel!
4.  Having lots and lots of company almost every week!  My family...the most fun people!
5.  Welcoming son Patrick home from his summer internship at Omatic Software in Charleston, SC!

AND...drumroll please!  The REALLY BIG NEWS!

Getting ready to fly to New York City tomorrow morning with my sister Tamara to see .....

copyright Jennpopps

Sunday night, September 2 at the Beacon Theatre at 2124 Broadway in Manhattan!

 AGHHH!  I'm SO Excited!

They are famous for:  Listen to Your Heart, It Must Have Been Love, Dressed For Success, Fading Like A Flower, The Look and the list goes on and on...just YouTube any of these song titles and you'll say..."Oh yeah, I never knew that was Roxette"!

This is the first song (and video) I ever heard from Roxette and that was only about five years ago... I came late to the party...REALLY late!
But, as it is said, better late than NEVER!

This past week has been spent in entering competetions to win a pass to a Meet and Greet with Per and Marie and the rest of the Roxette band members after the show.

This would be a dream come true for my fingers are crossed!

1st Competetion - A slideshow put together by one of the M & G organizers, where we took a picture of ourselves holding a sign with one word to describe how we feel about Roxette coming to the US in their first major tour since 1992!

2nd Competition: My Roxette Story - What Roxette means to pic - story later...maybe!  8-)

3rd Competiton: My Roxette Collection - Excuse my hair, I was in a hurry to get this one in!

4th Competition: A banner!  This one was fun because I used thrifted and vintage ties! (Here is the Thrift Share Tie-in...oh, my bad!)

I'll be back next Wednesday!  With lots of news about thrifting in New York City, the Brooklyn Flea is on the agenda, along with my Yelp thrifting contacts!  Oh, I'm so excited!