Sunday, June 10, 2012

MCM - Mid-Century Modern Goodness!

These past two weeks have been very exciting around here at the Texas Treasure Box!  Tuesday, May 29 heralded the arrival of the long-awaited Morgan Portable Building to house my office and business!
(I nearly had a fit over this)!

We have been really busy installing parquet-look vinyl flooring and starting to move into the building.  I needed a new computer desk.  So on Friday I went over to our local charity thrift store and found this...

An unsold - just waiting for me Mid-Century Modern Desk!

They had it labeled as a sewing cabinet, but they were wrong!  It's a desk!  Of course, I took the pic this morning and the desk is sitting in front of an East facing bright!  Maybe I'll take a pic tonight and add it least you can see the cool MCM lines.

It almost looks like it could be an unmarked Heywood Wakefield because of the inset handles.  It only has a marking of A-601-8  63 for I'm thinking that the 63 means 1963...pretty neat and what did I pay for this you might be asking...well, how does $15.00 sound?  I'll take it!

Update! Serious Update!

I just found my above image Googled into images for 
Westnofa of Norway furniture!  

Remember my Westnofa Siesta Lounge Chairs I told you about here?

See a couple of Ebay listings here and here!

I'm thinking that the handles are the sameor at least, very similar! 

So maybe I have an unmarked Westnofa desk!  

This could be extremely cool!

I'm so excited...I could just spit!!!

Yes, I believe I'm going to sell it!

I had a bunch of books and a few odds & ends in a basket up at the check-out counter and another basket slung over my arm when I decided to take a last look around and OMG!  Look what I spied!

More Mid Century Modern goodness!  And they match!  Which is weird for me to care since I'm probably just about the most un-matchy person around...but so pretty!  

And now you are probably wanting to know just how much these two babies were marked...Well, get ready for this...$4.00 bucks each!  I've already seen just one of them listed on Etsy for $119.95...ONE!  

Well, I'm not going to sell these...I just like to impress my handsome husband Noel with my stupendous shopping skills!  

This pic is in my dining room in front of another East facing window...hence the brightness also.  One of my goals this year is to improve my photography skills but for now, what I do is what I do!  8-)

Now here is a little something I picked up last week...I just couldn't let this one pass you by...

A vintage silver plated Oneida Champagne bucket!

Priced at $20.00 - it's one of the most expensive items I've bought at this shop...but it was calling my name...I just had to answer!

(Photo taken in my Four Seasons bathroom as it is the only relatively uncluttered white room in my house)

I have emailed photos to Oneida as instructed by Customer Service and they will try to identify the year and pattern for me... 
I'm guessing 1990's sometime...we'll see!

 ~ Breaking News! Just heard back from Oneida with this:

"This is the COUNTESS holloware pattern.   The Countess collection was introduced to the market in 1982 and discounted in the late 90's."
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  1. I love love love the champagne bucket, I have yet to find one at a price I want to pay. The desk is fabulous and for $15 bucks, what a deal!

  2. Thanks Verna! I'm going to edit the post to include the price I paid for the champagne bucket! Twenty buckeroos! And I popped over to your site and followed! Sorry to see I missed the giveaway! What a great mercury topped! It's so much fun to see what everyone else likes to collect for themselves and to sell...Yea us!

  3. Great desk! It reminds me of the furniture in my neighbor's house when I was little. My mom decorated in Early American (blech) and everyone else's house seemed "groovier" in comparison. Love the floor too! You must be so happy happy happy!

  4. Thank you and yes, I am so very happy! I love the floor, I love the desk...picture me, sitting at my desk, commenting away on blogs (oh, I mean working) ...having a great time! La la la! 8-) Also, I've been wanting to tell you that the post you did on how y'all are planning to move was very moving (!) for me. We did much the same 13 years ago when I was 49 and Noel was 52... and we are so happy we took a chance! Thank you for making me remember and good luck to you and yours!

  5. wow! what a bucket! impressive! love your finds!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! And thanks! I'm pretty much totally happy with what I've been finding! I'll be popping over to your blog to see what you are up to!

  6. It was meant to be! The perfect for 15 bucks! total bargin, love your new work space, very organised! Will it be housing your books?

    1. Hey Linda!
      Yes, meant to be and I love me some MCM goodness! We are putting things together, it's all working and I'm finding stuff I've stashed in that small room over the past year or so that I've completely forgotten feel good to consolidate and assign spaces... and yes, the books will be coming over as soon as Noel builds the shelves. We have about about 16 feet X 8 or 9 feet of bland wall space on the long wall to fill with book shelves. And I've got a corner for my mannequin and then the front where shelves will line the walls between and below the windows. This is truly a dream come true for me and I'm so glad I get to share it with everyone! And having friends world-wide is another dream come true, I really mean that! I love hearing about the adventures and finds of everyone who shares...incredible!

  7. Oh, that champagne bucket is truly gorgeous and I think you got quite a buy on it.

    1. Thanks Tammy! Yes, making this acquisition has made me very happy! And as always, when the price it right... it gets even better! Popping on over to check your blog out! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Great finds! I love the lamps, especially...and the desk is amazing, especially for that price!

  9. Thanks Heather! I'm very pleased with the lamps too! I'll be on the look-out for shades that will complete the retro look...more to go thrifting... And the desk is working out so great...I will be looking for organizers to put into the drawers. I'm going to zip over to your blog to see what's going on with you! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I'm so jealous! I looove the desk and lamps, too!

    1. Van,
      Thanks for coming over! I read your blog and think how wonderful it would be to live in a city, to have access to all the flea markets, restaurants, etc. that you have. Your apartment(s) have always looked so cool and stylish...I envy you your youth. Well, sort of... age does have some getting a building all my own! 8-) Anyway, your blog is always an inspiration of organization and focus to me, so thank you! And I'm glad you like my stuff! Mid-Century Modern is very hard to come by in the middle of rural Texas countryside!

  11. Awesome desk - great find! Do the lamps get shades on them? I remember selling new Silverplate Oneida buckets like that in the late 80's.

  12. Hey Sue!
    Thanks for coming over! And yes, I will get shades...not sure exactly what I'm looking for but I'm thinking more squatty than tall and even maybe a color instead of white...well, I will know it when I see it... and the 80's definitely for the champagne bucket! I love it, I may never use it, I may just look at it ... for the rest of my life! 8-)

  13. Hey, girl! I need to visit your thrift shop! (I *love* thrift shops.) What great finds!

  14. Kathy,
    Actually, I need to come to Houston and go on a couple of thrift tours I am working on...maybe I could come and visit sometime in September and we'll go shopping?


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