Friday, May 25, 2012

About Texas Treasure Box!

About Texas Treasure House ...

The keywords here are: Vintage, Thrifty and D-I-Y - Do It Yourself!

Because the house and almost everything in and around it is vintage, definitely thrifty and we do it all ourselves...
of course that's mainly Noel's job! 

Say hello to Noel, Jackson Browne, Bernie and McCoy!

I wanted to tell you a few things about our house and land.  We have a little over 2 acres which was carved out of a larger 12 acre tract that surrounds us on two sides, left and behind. 

We are situated on top of a low gravel hill in an area of gently rolling savanna.  
In fact we are just 16 miles North of I-10 which is the edge of where Zone 8 changes to Zone 9 as I-10 is the Zone dividing line in this part of Texas.
To the south is a much larger 100 acre tract that belonged to Gilbert and Lillian Bartosh.  
The Bartoshes have passed on and their land was divided into two tracts.  
They had no children, so one parcel went to Gilbert's kin and the other to Lillian's.

Google Map of Texas Treasure Box

The main house is pictured above and we have 5 other outbuildings.
So here is a view of the house from the back,
 which also shows the the side and back of the shop.

We have been told that our white stucco California-style bungalow and the wood shop were built possibly as early as the late 1940's or early 1950's out of material from a much older 2-story house that sat on the land which belonged to a Dr. Knolle.  

Jack, Bernie & Dad again!

We have 23 double-hung windows through out the house and 9 in the shop that work very well for when the weather is hot and you want a breeze.  

 Here is the old smokehouse turned guesthouse. 
 You can see Noel's studio in the back.

His studio is a 14 X 32 Morgan Portable building and of course, you see the work-in-progress deck and obligatory above ground pool...
it gets HOT here in Central Texas!

Barn and Lean-to at the front and here is ...

The chicken house where the girls live... no rooster here! 
 Don't need 'em!  
We have 12 assorted hens who are actually quite nice and of course,
 they give us ...

But where there's chickens...there's always a ...

Chicken Snake!

PS - If you've got this far, stay tuned because there is going to be a very exciting announcement next week!  I can't wait to tell you all about it!

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  1. Your house looks so cool! it's got so much character, We're picking up two girls tomorrow! might call on you for some chicken advice:)

    1. Hey Linda,
      Thanks so much! We have really enjoyed living here, it's been a lot of work and of course, that work never ends as we have so many more ideas we want to implement. And although I'm not a chicken exert, I'd be glad to help you with advice if I can...are your girls going to be laying hens or chicks? And what kind?

  2. I grew up in a 1940's stucco home. I love the house!

    1. Thanks Helen,
      When we were looking Noel just asked me to please not want something he was going to have to paint all the time! I suppose the house could use a new coat...but I like things that show some me!

  3. I would love to see the inside of your home.

    1. Becky,
      I wish I could invite you to come and look! So pictures will have to do and they will come. Right now we are transitioning out of a very shabby chic-ish style to a more streamlined MCM look. But with me, I can never go all the way with anything, so it will be a mix. I should probably hunt through my pics so I can do before and afters...
      PS - You see you are on my blog list of favorite bloggers... I already feel like I know you. 8-)

  4. Looks like a little piece of heaven! Sorry it took me so long to visit.

  5. Well, I'm glad you're here now! And I have to agree with is a wonderful place to be. Right now I've got Mama Kitty sitting on my lap, hindering typing...but as you know...cats don't care! 8-) I am fostering MK for my sister, this cat is a real sweetheart and lives inside...and my other 4 outdoor kitties don't appreciate her one little bit!


Please leave me a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

PPS - If you are using Google Translate to read my blog, I can probably use it to read your comment, so comment away!