Monday, May 14, 2012

Wurlitzer Harp No. 1460

Lois Adele Breaker (Thomas) Gettler was a Harpist. 

 She was born in 1926 and as far as anyone can remember, the harp was bought for her around 1936 when she was 10 years of age.   

Lois studied with Mildred Milligan, a well known harpist and teacher in the Houston area for many years.  Her playing brought much pleasure to her listeners during her performances, both privately  and professionally.

1926 ~ 2009

To her children, she was "Mama", to the rest of us, "Grandma Lois."

Our research leads us to  believe it’s a Wurlitzer Grand Harp, Model CC. 

They are both  beautiful!

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Also, Regina Everdeen - Harpiste of the Netherlands, 
maintains a wonderful website devoted to the Wurlitzer Harp with a special page that lists all known numbered Wurlitzer pedal harps. 

She has very kindly included information about Lois' harp here here.

The full list of known Wurlitzer harps can be found here.

Regina's website can be found here.

Thank you Regina!  


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