Monday, April 2, 2012

Beverly Hill Rattan circa 1961 to 1963

Look at that pretzel shape!
On the back deck - just brought home from Warrenton!


  1. What a great find! You're going to love having that to lounge on this summer! :)

  2. Thanks Dana! I was so excited to find this set. The tables are not Beverly Hills rattan but they blend and the barkcloth on the chairs is orignial. That is not a couch, it is 3 chairs so I can move it around if I want to...but probably not... I tend to leave things as they are for years! So it's actually going in the house in the TV room...right next to the Westnofia Siesta Lounge chairs. Yes!

  3. Fun! So jealous you live near Round Top!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Sure! And we are planning to go out to Warrenton again tomorrow...might even make it to Round Top...we'll see! 8-)

  5. stumbled across your blog from Her Library Adventures I love your furniture So jealous

    1. Just wait, it'll be your turn one day! Thanks! I love my furniture too! 8-)

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