Monday, April 30, 2012

Vintage Plant Stand Extraordinaire!

I know I said I'd post right after we got back from Warrenton...only some few three weeks or so ago...  Well, I went out of town and then I got sick and then I had to get well and so now I am well and so here's the post!
Thanks to the great and quick eye of DD Julia, look what we scored!  Isn't it beautiful?  And the price was right!  After we walked all over the Bar W Field and all compass points North - South & West - we headed East towards Clutter,  Xcess and Cole's - in my opinion the priciest places in Warrenton and I almost never buy anything we're wandering down the giant row of Xcess and she spies the plant stand...
Oh, I don't even want to know how much...but I talked her into going and asking
(because she's just so cute!) ...she comes back...$20.00... !!!

Noel says, "It's heavy, isn't it"?
Uh, yeah...

Now, look at this concrete planter.

My husband Noel's maternal grandmother...Gramma Breaker, made all sorts of stone mosaic pieces and stepping stones during a period of about four years from 1950 thru 1953 when she lived on Barbee Street in Houston.  The family moved there probably in 1910 or so and Gramma moved to the Robley Street house in Pasadena in 1965 after the City of Houston condemned the houses on Barbee St. to make way for Hwy 59 thru downtown Houston.  The story is that those families held the freeway off for about 5 years before they were moved out and the big old houses demolished.  I remember when that branch of the freeway just stopped and then 59 ran right down into the upper Westheimer area and into downtown back in the late 60's which is when I got to Houston.
A small table made from an upside down planter for the base imbedded in a square made from heart insets molded out of candy boxes.  Gramma Breaker was a very creative person and a wonderful gardener I'm told.  I never met her, she died in 1979 and I didn't meet Noel until 1987.  But I've lived with lots of the things she created and left behind. I've been fortunate!

 Here is the back porch at the Texas Treasure Box.  You can see some of the stepping stones Gramma  made that we used in making our path.  We have hundreds of these stones and lots of paths.  One day I'll just take you on a tour!
PS - As you can imagine, it took us months to move to Pasadena to Ellinger...
See you later!
A note, if you click on the pictures they enlarge (you probably know that already) but on the first pic of the plant stand you can see two of small planters Gramma made.  One has giant shells from Galveston imbedded in the sides and the other has rocks she picked up along side of a railroad track that ran near Barbee.  She used bottles, broken combs and all sorts of found things in her artwork.  I will have to make a gallery...

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Thrill of the Hunt!

Today we are going back out to Warrenton and possibly Round Top to look for a couple of things we must have are in hopes of finding...
The first is a circular plant stand that I've seen hundreds of examples of during my years of trips out to the land of antique wonders...I mean, I've practically had to kick them out of my way in years past.  One is needed to replace the wood slat plant stand that I found on the side of the road down in Houston about 11 years's done me well.
Look to the right...

Unhappily it is now disintegrating on my back porch and if Noel hadn't screwed it to the stucco wall, it would have fallen down by now.

Now of course that I want a circular one, they are no where to be found in the size that I must have..there were plenty of 22" to 26" diameters but I need at least a 36" diameter to fill the space on the wall.  Unless, of course I want to re-arrange everything...I think not.  Let me know if you see one of these, okay?
Cute, huh?

I'll let you know tomorrow how we made out...and if we find the other object of the hunt!