Monday, September 17, 2012

Thrift Scores! Locally and from New York City!

I'm still getting back in the swing of things after our trip to New York city... and so without further is a sampling of my local thrift scores from this past Friday and Saturday...

Yes, it's Christmas in September!

 A Lefton Christmas tree-shaped plate - this will go with my other Lefton Holly Berry pieces which go on display during the Winter version of the Four Seasons bathroom...I know you can't wait for that!
 Everybody needs an Elf bootie complete with holly & holly berries...

 A very sweet Chintz style jam or mustard jar, no markings but there is an unreadable foil sticker on the I'm thinking Japanese...
note the break in the pattern and the gold is worn but no chips at all!

(There are two Noma single candlesticks in the background still in the packages...not too exciting but they have orange bulbs in them...yes, I collect them...)

An unmarked McCoy mint green Wishing Well Wall Pocket...I'm thinking maybe cotton swabs in the Fall version of the Four Seasons bathroom...that one will be done within the week I'm hoping...

a 2010 Chik-fil-A "Eat Mor Chikin" ornament...everybody needs one of these...

 And treasure from the Green Flea Market on the Upper West Side of Manhattan...We went to the Sunday Market located at  Columbus Avenue between W. 76 & 77 Streets. To get there we took the bus and walked. (and walked and walked)!  8-)

Alms Collecting Buddha
(Begging Buddha)

Signifies compassion and caring for all beings...

Arms bent at the elbows, holding an alms bowl at chest level 

I was so excited to find this Buddha!  

And I was able to put him in my carry-on bag with no difficulty at all!

Very Fitting! 

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  1. I love the McCoy piece. I collect McCoy and I have never seen that piece. Maybe I will run across one someday!

  2. Thankee! The McCoy piece was at the thrift on Friday but was priced more than I wanted to pay. The Chintz piece was there also and I kept chanting my mantra..."Don't buy breakables for resale, etc..." My sister Tamara came to visit so we went to the thrift on Saturday. I told myself if those two pieces were still there, into my basket they would go...well, we know how that turned out, don't we? 8-)
    I too love McCoy and have quite a few fact what a great idea for a blog post! What a bright girl you are! Also, guess what's happening in my neck of the woods this week? The Warrenton and Round Top still my heart!
    PS - I'll keep my eye out for you re: the Wishing Well, okay?

  3. Ooh! The first day of autumn is coming up. I can't wait to see how you'll decorate the four seasons bathroom. I love the Buddah! Keeping or selling?

  4. Buddha...keeping! Seriously, very cool huh? He's a little over 9" tall and overseeing me at my desk right this moment! HH Noel, DD Julia and I are all collaborating on the Autumnal bathroom...hopefully it will get finished today so I can take pics in the morning. I bought a new shower curtain that I'm still not completely sure about...but we'll see! Hopefully you have integrated back into the work force by now...yes?

    1. Yes, Crystal. I am back at my "real" job. (hangs head and sighs). Every day I want to quit. Having the summer off and selling on Ebay was much more appealing than washing 250 lunch trays. But with winter approaching, there's no better alternative right now so I will toil on and save my money while I can. We didn't take a family vacation this year and I think I'm missing that.

    2. Lorraine...your day will come! The quality of your items and listings are so good ad they will both just keep getting better, I can tell. I know its difficult not to take a vacation especially since you've really had some good ones of those...So, save your money, every day brings you that much closer to your goals!


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