Friday, October 5, 2012

POP! Autumnal Glory Redux! Thanks Lorraine!

Well, we've had a few changes since I first showed you the 
Fall Four Season Bathroom Redo here. 

A lot of the change is thanks to Lorraine who writes the very informative and entertaining blog called  
We are: clamco. The story of how she came up with the name is related on her blog, you should go check it out!

Anyway, she read about my shower curtain dilemma and suggested that I might like the Eddie Bauer curtain she had listed on eBay...well, I hustled right over and as you can see's PERFECT!

Lorraine & Eddie Bauer, you have my undying gratitude!

 The colors and the pattern perfectly accent my little shelf that DH Noel made for me from painted iron shelf brackets that we picked up at Warrenton several years ago and left-over Corian pieces from a long-ago job he went on. 

Pear and apple decals adorn a  green wood box which is a double sided recipe box signed F. D. B. - 1971 - this is a find from years past at a sale in Fayetteville, TX in the old SPJST Hall...
sadly, no shows there anymore...

And just in case you're wondering...SPJST stands for:

Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas
which is Czech for:
Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas

(Information courtesy of an article by Melissa Segrest & Will Holford
 on page 22 in the October 12 issue of the 
Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative Edition of
Texas Co-op Power)

 I'm just so HAPPY with this shower curtain!

It just brightens up and pulls the whole bathroom look together!
 I have a new tschotske...can you spot it?  Oh, very well, I'll just tell you what it is!  At the back of the shelf with the small flower note holder on top is a four-sided Seasons name board!  It is really too cute and I got it in Giddings, TX at the Rejuvenation Thrift Shop for half-price...fifty cents!  All righty then!

 Now you have a good view of the fluorescent lamp Noel spotted at Warrenton maybe 5 years ago.  It's newer than the original one to the right, which I do not have a photo of...maybe later.

For those of you who are new readers, the bathroom went from this...

 To this!  

I am seriously stoked!

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  1. AAAAHHHHH!!!! I'm jumping up and down and screaming with delight!! It looks SOOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!
    Completely transformed! I'm so happy you're happy!!

  2. Thank you, thank you...all thanks to you, my dear! 8-)

  3. Love it! It's perfect for your Autumn scheme xx

  4. Thanks Linda! I am so HAPPY with this shower curtain...I agree with you, it just pulls the whole Autumn look together! Yea!

  5. You sure did score!! HOw perfect and cheery!!! Yall's bathroom is really pretty and very cozy-homey. I just finished redoing ours too..I am a sucker for plaid flannel & in a garage sale recently...there was a red plaid flannel full top sheet & matching pillowcase. You will never guess where they are now! :o) It looks so country & warms the room up for our cooler Alaskan weather. I am a transplanted Texan & remember SPJST halls & dancing there when I was a teenager! :o) Have a great day! Nice blog!!!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I love plaid also! And your red flannel plaid in the bathroom sounds wonderful! I've never been to Alaska although HH Noel has, he says it beautiful! Where in Texas are you from? Thanks for your comment and I'll pop on over to your blog later today! You have a great day too!

  6. That shower curtain is perfect in your bathroom! I love that floral and the colors are just right. I'm a big fan of a bold patterns, and looking at the before and after pictures you can totally see what a huge difference it makes.
    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Julia,
      Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for your kind words about our decorating, it's so much fun to share what we do isn't it? My DD (also named Julia) is my decorator...I'm the buyer and assistant...what will I do when she leaves home? Oh, do it myself...that's an idea! And thanks for having the linky party. It's must be fun to share a blog authorship. You take care!

  7. It IS a beautiful shower curtain. And I love the styling of your little shelves!

  8. Thanks for stopping by Jo! I appreciate your kind words...will pop on over to see what going on with you!

  9. I love the changes! My favorite details are the gold fish and the shower curtain, they really transform the space.

  10. Thanks Van! It's always nice to make the change with the seasons! Actually, I'm thinking that I might have to change the name of this series to the Five Seasons because we actually have both Xmas and Winter, I need to find some Silver toned fish! 8-)

  11. I love the shelf brackets!!!!!! LOVE!

    And now I'm reading about your trip to Warrenton...........ONE WORD: JEALOUS!

  12. Danavee,
    Thank you! Yes, but you live in Missouri...ONE WORD: JEALOUS! Some of the best thrifting blogs I read are authored by Missourians

  13. You're right...that curtain is absolutely perfect! I also love the gold fish that are floating above it. ;)

  14. Heather,
    Thanks! Every time I see it, I smile! I'm thinking I may have to see if I can find fish to coordinate with every season...oooh, what a great idea!

  15. I love the Autumn re-do! The curtain really adds "pop", but I especially like your shelves and light fixture. I could definitely live with that sweet bathroom.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. (I graduated in 72 so we're from the same time frame.)

  16. Thanks so much for returning the favor! I am very happy to share our bathroom with one and all! You have a great blog! Keep up the good, good work! 8-)


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