Monday, October 15, 2012

Giveway Winners! Take it away Vanna (I mean, Julia)!

Today is the day I announce the lucky winners of my Giveaway!  

Two Winners for one copy each of the Antiques Weekend Show Daily!
29 entries - Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

I decided to enlist the help of my DD Julia and she most kindly obliged...

We used a beautiful vintage vinyl-clad ~  Mad Man ~ brown faux alligator &

 gold ice bucket by the iconic Georges Briard ...

Julia shook it up really well!

Ooh, the suspense is killing me!

Here's one ...
 And two! Oh, I'm so excited, I could just spit!

And the lucky winners are ...

Hourglass Suzie & 4 Bushel Farmgal!

Ladies, please send me your addresses so I can get your prizes into the mail before I leave on my Road Trip on Wednesday, okay?  Just use the "contact me" button at the top right of my blog.

Once again, thanks to everyone who Followed me and/or left a comment on my Warrenton blog entry!

This was so much fun for me, I'm going to have to make up some kind of event so that I can have another Giveaway!

This next time the prize is  going to be a copy of the quintessential 
Bible of the antique business,

"How To Be Successful In The Antique Business"
by Ronald S. Barlow

First published in 1980 and revised in 1985, 
this book is still relevant in many ways for today's 
online seller, antique mall booth seller and/or 
a brick & mortar Antique Store owner!


  1. The photos with your little model are cute :) When you blog everyone around you gets involved, they really do.

  2. They do if they want to eat... (she says darkly)...glower! Just kidding! Actually, my whole family for sure likes to star on my blog ...publicity hounds...the lot of them! 8-) But I don't mind, I think they're cute too! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog Happy Girl collectibles! Just added you to my blog roll :)

  4. Crystal,
    It's been so long since you've posted. I thought surely you would have photos up of your winter season bathroom by now. I hope all is well with you and your family.


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