Thursday, October 4, 2012

Antiques Weekend at Warrenton, TX AND a Giveaway!

This is the last weekend of the Warrenton - Round Top and all other points around and between - of the Antiques Weekend Extravaganza!

And only the second time HH Noel and I have been out there this time...let me tell's been HOT!  

Anyhoo...we started the day by parking at The Little House on the Hill which is where I used to have a space probably 8 years ago.  I always start out by thinking that I'd really like to do the show usually takes maybe 45 minutes before I'm thinkin' ~ what was I thinkin'!?!

 Anyhoo... we then instantly made our way to The Legal Tender Saloon
 for lunch...

whereupon we ordered ONE  (because they are so huge) Chicken Salad Sandwich on wheat.  Sorry, no picture because the sandwich was instantly consumed by us.  Along with Fritos, dill pickles and onions. Yum!

As you can see, they have a pretty extensive menu for the sort of wing-ding that Warrenton has become.  I'm happy to report that the owners have opened up a full time restaurant right outside of La Grange where hopefully I'll have a chance to eat something other than chicken or egg salad since that's all I ever eat there.

Anyhoo, it was delicious! Yum again!

A view from the back porch of The Legal Tender...

And another...

If you've never experienced an Antiques Weekend here in Central Texas, you might seriously want to put this twice yearly event on your bucket's multiple towns and miles of good, and I mean, really good stuff! Plus some really really I don't know what, stuff...
Now, check out what I've got next for you!
 A concrete cement Rooster and Hen...I almost pulled the trigger on this one...$30.00!
  I may regret this pass!
Junk jewelry...get 'er by the scoop-full!

 Royal Copley...maybe fifty bucks for all of cute!  But, I resisted!
 Hull Little Red Riding Hood, the rare one because of the lacy floral border, so the proprietor of this shop said...Only $295.00, BUT he'll let me have it for only $150.00...nope! Doesn't match my pocketbook or decor!

The next pictures are from one of my favorite places!
 Yes, that's right!  Dead People's Stuff!  

Which a lot of it really is...I mean, right?

 I am a sucker for succulents...just sayin'...

 And conch shells...and succulents...

 And deer skulls...and succulents...

Dead People's Stuff...yeah!

Oh!  And remember what I said about a Giveaway?

And about putting the Warrenton-Round Top Antique Weekend on your bucket list?

Well, this Giveaway is going to have not one, but two winners because I acquired two copies of the October 2012 Show Daily!
 137 pages of everything there is to know, see, do, eat, stay....maps on where to go to have a blast here in Fayette County, Texas during the Antiques Weekend which is really 3 weekends of trash and treasure!

All you have to do is leave me a comment for one entry
 and Follow Me to receive another. 

The drawing will be held on October 15th

(which is my 62nd birthday!  Happy Birthday to me!)

This Giveaway is open to my present and future followers and I will ship Internationally should I have an International winner!

Well, thanks for getting this far and... let the Games begin!

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  1. Wow! Awesome photos Crystal! I LOVE the name Dead People's Stuff and the "stuff" is great! I have a bunch of conch shells, but never thought of using them as planters. Cool skull too! And thanks for the picture of the METAL goodies! So, did you buy any treasures? Any good bargains?

  2. Thanks Lorraine! I've borrowed HH Noel's 10 pixel camera...mine is only 5 and I've been wondering why my photos have not been what I wanted...problem solved! 8-) I have made several purchases but not too many since my house and outbuildings are absolutely stuffed with junk...but good junk you know! AND I'm going to post an update on the Autumn Bathroom this's now perfect! Thank you, thank you!
    So planned posts are on purchases and also I'm going to go back tomorrow to finish up a post on all the cute vintage campers out there...well, only a very small sampling because really, it's miles and miles of stuff! So exciting!

  3. I made it out to Round Top last year for the first time. So many goodies to see, but I came home empty handed. I guess I've been thrifting so long that those retail prices gave me serious sticker shock. Hope you fins something fabulous!

  4. Well, I hardly ever make it past Warrenton and this time was no different! I have to agree with you about the sticker shock concept... This year we bought antique window hardware and 6 porch standards. I have found 'fabulous' in years past but we are starting to slow down on the purchases...we already have so much stuff, but I do like to go look! Thanks for the comment and the 'Follow'!

  5. Wow that looks like an amazing place! I wish I didn't live so far away. I love love love all those succulents, too!

    1. Julia,
      This is really an amazing event and it happens twice a year. First weekend in October and April is the culmination of approximately 2 & 1/2 to 3 weeks of Antiques madness and we only live 16 miles it's great for us! You are entered into the Show Daily Giveaway and even if you can only participate vicariously thru the magazine, it's a trip! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Replies
    1. But you's a be havin' a good time! It is SO easy to spend money out there! So much to look at, and eat...and there's live music day and night! Places to hang out if you are just an attendee and a real big social scene if you are a Vendor! It's really nice!

  7. I still have hopes of attending this one year. I truly enjoyed seeing it through your lens.

  8. Well, I hope you get to come out also, it's a lot of fun! And thanks for your kind words, I always think I'll really be able to capture this in photos...but what I've shown is such a small slice...thanks for stopping by! You have a very nice blog also...I admire you for embracing the internet technology, it's so much fun isn't it?

  9. Oh, it's so good that I don't live nearby, lol! I'd spend all my pennies there! But I do enjoy all your photos of interesting goodies.

    1. Hey Farmgal!
      Thanks for dropping by! Yes, we do drop a few coins while we're out in the fields of Warrenton...but it's so much fun! You have a very interesting blog BTW...thanks for you kind words of appreciation! Have a great Friday!

  10. Oh I LOVED little Red... What fantastic photos! :)

    Sarah & le Weens

    1. Thanks Sarah! I only wish I could capture the entire event in photos...but there is just so much to it. I could only capture a very small part...but thanks for your kind words about my efforts! I went on over to check out your blog...cute, cute, cute! Have a great day, you hear?

  11. Loved the pics...someday I shall go!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Laurie! Glad you enjoyed the post, this is always a fun event!

  12. Hey - Enter me into your contest - didn't say anything about being related, did it?????

    love you! T

  13. Girl! You're too late for this contest ... Sistah! This'll teach you to READ my blog!!!! (and folks, this girl REALLY is my sister)! 8-)


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