Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vintage Doilies & Potholders

I've always had a thing for crocheted vintage doilies and potholders.  Knowing myself as I do, when I become obsessed interested in something--an idea or an object--I know that I have to create some boundaries so that I can enjoy my current interest without it taking over either my house or my life.

So, with the all the doilies and potholders out there calling my name, the boundary I decided on was that in order for me to buy them, they had to be a specific shade of pink and/or green.  Now they could be pink and green and white or they could be green and white, but not pink and white only... Don't ask me why, I don't know why, but it seemed to work.

So, as I acquired them,  I had to decide how to display them and this is how it morphed ...

Accumulating my collection took YEARS!  I kept adding them to my display area and finally had enough to cover the top of my bedside table.  For Christmas a few years ago, Noel make me a glass tabletop to cover them.  

So, now when I knock over my nighttime glass of water, instead of jumping up, taking all the wet doilies & potholders and the 2 layered tablecloths and one embroidered topper off the bedside table... I can just wipe it up! 
 Makes me happy!

One more photo 
(and sorry for the quality of the pics...I'll get better...I promise)!

Oh, did you notice the pillowcases?  

Well...I have a thing for them too...more about THAT obsession later!

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