Friday, June 15, 2012

Summertime in the Four Seasons Bathroom!

Our ONE bathroom is completely painted in shades of white.  

It is also completely stucco.
From the walls to the ceiling & archway to the counter... stucco.
We'd have to jack-hammer to change anything in there...

So, to liven things up a bit, my DD Julia & I devised the Four Seasons bathroom idea.

Seasonal changes are echoed with a different color scheme represented by towels, a shower curtain, throw rugs, a different picture over the reading rack (our one open expanse of wall), & accessories appropriate to the season.

...Welcome to Summertime, where the livin' is easy and the season is breezy (and hot)!  Also, where we use light blues, sea foam greens, LOTS of white, sunny yellow, and turquoise to evoke the seaside.
The shelf my handsome husband Noel made for me from iron brackets we picked up at Warrenton.

The whole thing is mounted on a simple wood frame with shelves made of  cream-colored Corian pieces recycled from a job he did years ago. 

He also found the glass & fluorescent light fixture out at Warrenton one year; it doesn't completely match the one that came with the house, but it's close!
A blue Fenton powder box.

The little fishes in glass were a gift from my youngest sister.  

 Terracotta sun ornament, palm tree tiles, & the fish-in-a-rum bottle are from my next youngest sister, Tamara

 (I have 3 sisters.)  Lucky me!

Blue glass star hanging ornament from my youngest sister
 & the wire fish from Tamara.

Vintage flower-etched medicine cabinet with glass shelves 
& the white enamel gas wall heater are original to the house.

Shells and candles gathered over the years... The plate holding the candle is Laurella by Universal from HH Noel's Aunt Muriel.  Early American Prescut (EAPC) relish bowl by Indiana Glass, Co. holding the shells.

Milk glass dish from my mother, Joey.

Mancala, anyone?

Glass knobs on the cabinet doors and the linen closet were there when we bought the house!

Dig that crazy commode, y'all!  

White wood floors covered in pale-colored Indian dhuri throw rugs.  

The shower curtain was supposed to be more blue than green but with online shopping... c'est la vie.  Oh, well!  I like it!

Care for something to read by the deep blue Mediterranean Sea?

Or, would you prefer to swim?

Thanks for dropping by!

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PS - We also think it will help us to remember what we do with it from 
season to season!


  1. What a bright and cheerful place to start the day! I love the shelves!

  2. Thanks! It's always fun when a new season starts and everything is so clean and fresh! And it's easy to keep clean because it's concrete and wood. I've gotten kidded by some of the town folk that if a tornado happens, everyone's coming to my bathroom! Except of course, it has a window in the tub enclosure! Thank you, white mini-blinds!

  3. I love this idea, you'd never get bored of your bathroom! I'm liking your summer scheme

    1. Thanks Linda! Yes, just about the time you get tired of's time to change! We actually got smart about it this year and now have different tubs for the different seasons...and this is just about as close to the beach as I like to get! Sacrilege to beach lovers, I know!

  4. Cute! I just love the quirks of old charming. :)

  5. Oh, I do too! When we came to look at this place I found all these things: French pocket doors into the knotty pine paneled dining room, an archway from living room into the TV room, built in glass-fronted cabinets in the kitchen, iron sink, giant hood over the stove, open pantry, mud room, hardwood floors, archway over the tub as seen above, double-hung windows through out, THREE bedrooms, a long hallway...outbuildings...lots of old concrete...endless possibilities...and I plan to show each and every one of them and all the improvements...I was in love with this house before I ever even went inside and after in the big city was on it's way out! 8-)

  6. I'm loving all the mod vintage goodness in these posts. This definitely inspires me to get cracking with my own homemaking!

  7. Hey Van!
    Thanks for stopping by! Vintage is the way to go for me too! I also have a small collection of dinosaurs, an un-named action figure and a gorilla I want to post a pic of and maybe get some identification on... but that's another day...maybe later on this week. PS - Your apartment(s) look so cute...older buildings, right?


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