Thursday, July 5, 2012

A day late...Happy Fourth of July!

Well, I'm late with my 4th of July post and I haven't been blogging either.  It seems like we've had company for most of June and we've been working a lot on the 'Texas Treasure Box'.  

 And now I've got my hands in braces...carpal tunnel syndrome...maybe.  
So I've embarked upon a series of natural treatments.  
I'm also increasing my B vitamins.  A daily dose of  MSM, in case it's arthritis... trying to rest my hands... Sigh!  

Yesterday my friend  Sydney spent the 4th with us.  Dinner was delish.  
I made my favorite shrimp, tomato and arugula dish paired with cumin basmati rice and Sydney brought a pasta salad...which was also delish. 

Sorry, no pictures, I forgot and we were SOOO hungry! 

When it got dark, we sat out in the field and enjoyed our neighbor's fireworks....they were bursting forth all around us!

(As Noel is reading this over my shoulder, says he especially liked seeing the neighbors explode all around us...

He's so BAD! He criticizes my writing unmercifully!)

It was great! The fireworks, the food and the friendship!

 Happy Belated Independence Day to you all!

The flag belonged to my handsome husband Noel's mother, Lois.
I know it's getting raggedy, but we can't retire it... a sentimental thing. 

 The flag holder is a big chunk of Texas Hill Country limestone which used to be at the bottom of a prehistoric inland huh?


  1. Crystal, I'm all too familiar with hand splints. I'm a lunch lady and suffer from a repetitive motion injury. We use (what look like) ice cream scoops to serve things like pasta, rice, & mashed potatoes. They have those thumb releases that you have to squeeze. My right thumb was in so much pain, I went to P/T. I thought I had CT or arthritis, but it's actually tendonitis. I wore a splint for 6 weeks which forced me to use my left hand more. Guess what happened? Same thing in the other thumb, but worse! Rest is good. So is hot packs followed by cold packs. Now that I've been off from work for summer vacation, I can already bend both thumbs again!

  2. Lorraine,
    Well, this is no bueno for sure! Good news on the rest thing for your thumbs though. I just have so much I want and need to do! Oh well, it will all get done...eventually I'm sure. And thanks for the hot and cold pack suggestion. I can use a rice bag and then frozen corn...that'll work! 8-) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Aw Crystal, hope your hands get better soon! I hate it when even sits beside me when I'm writing my blog! he puts me off! Happy belated 4th of July, sounds like you had a fab time! My aunt, uncle and 2 cousins who live in the States are coming home next week ,can't wait to see them xx

    1. Linda,
      Thanks! This hand situation is kind of frustrating to me as I have LOADS of work to do...listing books and getting an Etsy AND eBay shop going... The impending visit of your relatives sounds like you all will have a good time...and yes, I do know what you mean about being overseen whilst writing...Noel thinks he can then tell me what to say! Although he is a good editor since my punctuation is very hit or miss; I was called the comma queen when I worked at the Texas Renaissance Festival in the early eighties!


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