Sunday, October 13, 2013

Updates and MORE Updates!

 Hello my friends!  

One of the last things I posted about were a lot of the reasons regarding why I HAVEN'T posted much this past year...I hope you are interested in hearing about some updates which are GOOD!

  • My oldest brother is ill - NOT GOOD!
Update:   My brother has received a new liver and is doing very well indeed!  VERY, VERY GOOD!
  • Then our daughter Julia moved out - VERY MIXED FEELINGS ON THAT ONE ...
Update:  There has been resolution on that situation and it is VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD!

You can read about it here -  October Moon Herbals
  • Then I opened a booth in a Vintage Mall in Columbus - WHAT?  I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TO DO?
Update: Of the 6 months I've been in the Mall, I've only not made my rent of $40.00 for 2 of those months.  One month I paid $1.41 and the other I paid $13.41.  So, I'm ahead  around $339.34,  which makes it worth my while to have it open.
  • Then Tamara and Mama Kitty moved to Mexico - THAT SHOULD BE EXCITING ... & GOOD!
Update:  Tamara and Mama Kitty are moving back this week, October 17 to be exact. VERY GOOD!
  • Then our son Patrick accepted a job offer that moved him to New York City - VERY GOOD!
 Update:  He's still really liking his job and living on the East Coast! And he's started making some sales on Craigslist!  Yea!
  • I've been listing books on Amazon, I now have over 2200 books listed, sales have sucked big time - WHAT'S UP WITH THAT AMAZON? 
Update:  I now have 2236 listed and had a really great August & September - Sold a combined total of 75 books for a gross of 1835.42!  How great is that?

Up-Update: To date in October I have made a total of TWO sales and had 1 return, for a gross of  $5.95....Seriously Amazon...WHAT IS UP WITH THIS?????
  • I've been dithering about opening a shop on Etsy - PROCRASTINATION...
Update: Uh, no....more procrastination...
  • I've also been dithering about opening a shop on eBay - MORE PROCRASTINATION!
  • We have been fostering Pat's 2 cats - Nandi & Fro since May - CAN YOU SPELL, I'M  ATTACHED?
Update:  Nandi and Fro moved out Labor Day weekend and now Lucien aka Fenie (Julia's cat) has been enjoying the hospitality of "Casa de Tomas" for some weeks now and the end is only going to be in sight when I return from my annual road trip to go see said brother (see above) in Nebraska...leaving on Wednesday, the 17th, aka mine and Noel's 26th Anniversary.  GOOD to go on a trip and I have a very patient and long-suffering husband who encourages me to do what I want to do and be exactly who I I lucky or WHAT?
  • In 2 weeks Pat will be here so he and Noel can move his stuff and his cats up East - MIXED, MIXED, MIXED!
 Update:  All have adapted well to the new apartment in Bayonne, NJ and I'm looking forward to a trip to go see them sometime in the Spring of 2014!

Current News:  Tuesday, October 15 - will be my 63rd birthday!  I rewarded myself by starting a new blog!

Check it out and let me know what you think...who knows where it will all lead?

Till we meet again....


  1. Lots of good news,especially about your brother.So happy to hear you had good book sales also. That's great! Lots going on with people and pets. Can you post some pictures of all the cats? I'd love to see them.

    1. Thanks Lorraine! Yes, I'm so happy to be able to report so much GOOD news! 8-) As far as book sales go, I'm thinking Amazon did something as well as eBay according to the blogs I read...I mean, it's the 14th and I've had 2 sales and 1 return? That is seriously so uneven...but I'm hoping for a better second half of the month and yes...I will do a cat post...we are all cat people in our family! Oh, and I downloaded the DunkinDonuts ap to my phone...gonna get me some coffee, yeah! 8-)

    2. Wonderful blog my dear sister! Happy Birthday tomorrow and I hope that you and Noel have a wonderful time celebrating it as well as your upcoming Anniversary!!!!! Time does fly.............. Excited to be coming home and give my love to all in our family! Book sales will recover and you just enjoy your trip, drive carefully and come home to us safely with lots and lots of cool stuff! I love you very much!

    3. Oh, I misread that. I was concentrating on the 75 books you did sell. Yes, two sales and one return in October is definitely unbalanced! I will never understand why online sales are like that. It's very frustrating. Can't wait for the cat post!

    4. Thanks Lorraine...I know have two pending sales that are a few days old...don't know if they'll go through or not...oh well...such is online selling, right? I spent yesterday gathering cats photos...probably going to have to do that one when I get back from my ROAD TRIP! Yea!

    5. Hey Tamara! Love you too! See you when we get trip to you and Mama Kitty!

  2. Glad to read all the good news, was wondering where you were! Good luck keeping it all together Crystal!

    1. Hey Van! - Long time, no see! Thanks for stopping's been a while, hasn't it?


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