Friday, August 23, 2013

Inspired by Mad Maine!

I got inspired to go do some thrifting yesterday after I watched this You Tube video from Mad Maine where she had a $30.00 budget to spend. So go check it out, I know you'll be amazed at what treasures she found and why I decided to go see what I could dig up!

Now, I know I have plenty of inventory already but you know what?  We live out in the country, so I try to combine my outings with getting as much accomplished as I can. 

A few weeks ago, Noel and I decided it was time to get our eyes examined and I needed to get my new glasses adjusted. To make this a worthwhile 100 mile round-trip, I first  went to the thrift stores, three of them in fact.  After I finished thrifting,  I went to Walmart to get my glasses adjusted, did a little grocery shopping, and cruised on home ...It worked out great! 

First stop was a shop I had never been to before and I was excited!  Misplaced excitement as it turned out, but I found a few things and spent $4.00.

5 Needlepoint & Crafting pamphlets, a little 5 X 8 notebook,
 and a really pretty 
Lefton Holly China Christmas Tree relish dish.

I collect the dark green Lefton Holly Berry pieces like this one like this one I found here, so this dish is headed on over to the Texas Treasure Box Shop over at the Grand Oaks Antique Mall.

And if you are interested in making your very own 
Rodeo Drive Designer Denim Jacket, well, I've got just the thing for you!

Beverly Hills Denim ~
Fun for the whole family, circa 1990! Sweet!
Check it out here!

My next shop-stop was my favorite stop for the day!

25% off Senior Citizens Discount Day!

And I remembered to bring a donation, so I got a 15% off coupon for my next visit, and I remembered to bring my 2 discount cards to get them combined,
and now I only need to spend $25.00 more dollars to get $10.00 off my purchases... and believe me, 
speaking as a Senior, it's hard to remember to do all this stuff!  8-) 

I spent $14.98 here, less my 25% discount with tax = $12.46 total

 Sorry for the fuzzy iphone pics,BUT look at this stuff!
A pair of Anchor Hocking Boopie candlesticks, an un-signed Peter Zook
Abundance hex sign, a 10" Texas Ware confetti mixing bowl, an uncut completely adorable Sunrise Designs 1T to 4T Dress Up Pageant Dresses pattern!
Those vases in the back I'm going to use to corral all my wine corks till I get them packaged for resale.

AND I found 10 books to sell and one that would be fabulous for altered art, especially since somone already cut some pages out of the middle of it!

But I'll have to show you those another time because ...
 my super cheap thrift store is going
to open in an hour and I need to go get ready to shop!

See you next time!

Oh, before I go, as I said earlier I went to 3 thrift stores...this last one I found only one thing...ta da!

Right now these beautiful brass scallop shell bookends are residing in my Summer time Four Seasons bathroom...because I can't find my tote that is holding all the rest of my Summer time stuff!  Wah!

 Remember how fabulous it looked last Summer?

So, altogether I spent $20.46!



  1. Love all the goodness you scored :)

    1. Thanks Van,

      I'm hoping to keep on top of the blogging and listing as I thrift...I'm already one day behind! So, no shopping today...listing, yes!

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Lorraine! I really like those too! DD Julia has already tried to score them off of me....not yet, says I! 8-)

  3. Great finds, especially for 20-some dollars! I am cracking up over the 90s denim book. LOVE the brass bookends!

    1. Hey Heather!
      Yeah, I was pretty stoked about the results of my shopping trip...and I KNEW you'd love the brass bookends...since you find such pretty brass objects yourself! She says, going off to make me one of those Rodeo Drive jackets! 8-)

  4. My sister is a truly one of kind like all of the things she wants to share with you all! I hope that you enjoy her and her finds as much as we all do!

    1. Thanks Tamara! You need to start a blog's a lot of fun and you get to meet great people from all over the world...yep, like it ... I do!

  5. Love that Texas Ware bowl! I've seen a few at the flea market but never the right price.


  6. Thanks Erica,
    That bowl was 2.50 less my 25%, so I paid 1.88 for it! I'm torn whether to sell it or keep it since I had one very similar that I received as a wedding present in 1976... I dropped it one day and it cracked right in two... what's a girl to do? 8-)

  7. Love bookends! And that Texas Ware bowl is fabulous!!! I've never seen one in the wild here, and I'm not that far from you guys! Nice finds.

    1. Hey Melissa,
      This TW bowl actually makes the second one I've found lately...that one is smaller than this one and was only a dollar at a garage sale! I just popped on over to check out your blog and have started following you because I see we have many things in common...I have 5 Pyrex measuring cups in my kitchen...1-4 cup, 3 2 cups and 1 - 1 cup and a chicken string holder... Thanks for dropping by!


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